How are blogs selected?

We currently select active Ask, Daily, text, or Comic pokemon blogs. We tend to avoid mod blogs, and blogs that mostly have non-content updates. An example, if the first two pages on your blog are mostly reblogs. We can't add you to the database.

How often does the website update?

The website does a check on its dashboard every 5 min. New blogs are added into the tracking database every 24 hours. You will know that your in line to show up if the celidex accounts follows you.

Do I need to refresh the website to see new updates?
No, the website will update when there are changes.
I have a custom domain. What do I do?
Please Send a ask to or flag meddling celebi down on the discord server.
I have a suggestion for the website
There is a channel for this in the discord.
What do I do if I want my blog removed?
You have two choices which I will list out below.
1. You can try blocking the 'celidex' account that's following you. I don't know if this would work, but it would likely help.
2. Go to and send an ask requesting to be removed.
X Blog is in the hands of a questionable person and I feel they need to be removed from the database.
We investigate most issues that pop up in the community and will likely reach out to parties involved. Once we have the full story we will make a judgement call.